Outrage! The King Mazoku has unleashed his demon hordes on the southern lands of Kara-Tur. Two-hundred years after the final battle of the second demon war, when the legendary warrior Tetsuya Yamada and King Mazoku’s prized pet known as the “village eater” disappeared along with the rest of the demon army. The demons move quickly and many have fled to the north for refuge.

A group of nobles have ventured to Narajoku, a city well known for its self sustaining economy and powerful defenses, to form a war council. Their lands ravaged and resources compromised, the people have become desperate. They have tried many things, but one thing in particular has the land in a buzz. The nobles attempted to raise Tetsuya from the dead, in hopes that he could once more best the demon armies!

However, upon casting their spell, they did not receive their hero. A woman stepped forth from a whirling mass of cloud and light to tell them their hero was not among the dead! He lives and he will be the key to their victory! But before questions could be asked further, she was gone. With this news the nobles sent their best men to the edges of the lands to find their hero. But there is something more sinister afoot in Narajoku, more than dirty politics and black market schemes.

In two days time the festival of the Dragon will be upon the town and the nobles will all be expected to make an appearance. With all the politicians in the open, it would be a perfect time to strike for the demons. With the large crowds and thinned guard, who will protect the nobles? Will Tetsuya be found or will King Mazoku destroy Narajoku in one fell swoop.

It is up to you.

Daisho and Demons